How to sharpen alloy band saw

May 4, 2024

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First, cleaning

First of all, the alloy band saw should be cleaned, and the dust and rust on the saw blade should be cleaned. Cleaning liquid or grease solvent can be used when cleaning, do not wash directly with water.

Second, grinding teeth

Gear grinding is the key step of gear grinding alloy band saw. First the alloy band saw is inserted into the gear grinding machine, the saw blade is fixed, and then the gear grinding machine is used to grind the teeth. The following points should be noted when grinding teeth:

1. The speed of the gear grinding machine should not be too high, generally should be within 1000 RPM.

2. When grinding teeth, the saw blade should be kept in proper contact with the grinding stone, which should not be too loose or too tight.

3. When grinding teeth, pay attention to the shape of the teeth, which should generally be kept uniform, and ensure that the Angle and sharpness of each tooth are basically the same.