How to use automatic gear grinding machine with band saw blade

May 9, 2024

Latest company news about How to use automatic gear grinding machine with band saw blade


Band saw automatic gear grinding machine Saw blade gear grinding machine is the use of grinding wheel as a grinding tool to process cylindrical gear or some gear, bevel gear, bevel gear and other processing tool tooth surface gear processing machine. It is mainly used to eliminate the deformation after heat treatment and improve the precision of the gear, and the precision of the teeth after grinding can reach 6 ~ 3 levels. The grinding wheel of the gear grinding machine is trimmed into tooth shape by the dresser of the forming wheel in the axial section, and the grinding wheel holder can be fed in the vertical direction. The grinding gear is supported by the index frame and the tail seat, and the tooth surface is ground by longitudinal reciprocating movement through the table, and the tooth is divided after each grinding. On the machine tool of grinding helical gear, the grinding wheel can be rotated according to the workpiece helix Angle, and the workpiece can get additional rotation while reciprocating movement. If the grinding wheel holder of the machine tool can enable the grinding wheel to enter the internal gear workpiece, the internal gear can be grinding. Shape grinding wheel gear grinding machine has simple structure, high efficiency, accuracy up to 5, suitable for batch production, especially suitable for gears with few teeth.